Property management - Managing and administering the affairs of residential flat management companies
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MCS offers a range of services to its clients from just preparing annual accounts, undertaking Company Secretarial duties, or arranging block buildings insurance to offering a complete service package.

On the right menu bar you will find an in depth list of just some of the services we offer our clients within our standard package. If you do not see something that you require, please call us. We can tailor our service to meet your needs and demands.

If you are not receiving the service you require from your current managing agent then get in touch and see just how different it can be with MCS. We will guide you through the process of changing agents, it's not difficult and don’t forget it's your choice who manages your development.  

Financial Management

  • Annually prepare the service charge budgets, providing Directors with detailed financial information for their agreement prior to the issue of service charge.
  • Methods of payment available either by cheque, standing order, debit or credit card.
  • Manage individual Management Company or Residents Associations bank accounts within ring fenced dedicated Client Trust Accounts.
  • All payment transactions detailed and recorded.
  • Monitor and record payment of invoices.
  • Maintain financial records on a bespoke Management System.
  • Pursue unpaid service charges. Debt collection to be undertaken where necessary.
  • Answer resident's queries regarding service charges.
  • Advice to residents with regard to their obligations under the terms of their lease or transfer.
  • Provide Directors with quarterly income and expenditure summaries. If required these can be supplied monthly.
  • Directors advised regarding progression of debt collection.
  • Discussion with accountants relating to the preparation of Audited Annual Accounts to the Directors.
  • Liaise with Directors on the content of the prepared Audited Annual Accounts.


Insurance is a very specialist field. MCS is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and can negotiate a wide range of insurance products and packages tailored to Management Companies. Let MCS supply you with a quotation and see if we can save you money on your existing arrangements.

MCS can offer the following:
  • Block buildings insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Directors and Officers insurance
  • Lift Engineering insurance
  • Buildings insurance valuations
  • Implement insurance claims and arrange quotations for works
  • Monitor major claims and repairs in conjunction with loss adjusters

Call our Insurance Department on 01920 466500 to find out how we can help you or email

Development Inspection

Our Property Managers undertake regular development inspections. Following each development inspection a report is prepared and sent through to the Management Company or Resident Association Directors to inform on matters of concern, comments on contractor performance and general notes on the maintenance of the development. If items of repair are required, the report will also support quotations for acceptance by the Directors.
  • Regular development inspections
  • Development meetings with Directors
  • Development meetings with Directors and residents

Director/Resident Meetings

MCS understands that it is important to meet with Resident Directors on a regular basis to keep them up to speed with how the management of their development is progressing and to discuss such other issues including all matters financial. Such meetings are normally held every three months.

To comply with statutory requirements an AGM must be held every year when the members of the Management Company or Residents Association will gather to agree the next year's service charge budget and appoint new Directors and Auditors.

Company Secretary

Whilst residents are normally willing to stand as a Director of their Management Company, most residents will not want to hold the position of Company Secretary due to the tasks to be undertaken. This position can be held by a corporate body and does not need to be a member of the Management Company.

MCS can be appointed to act as Company Secretary and fulfil the following roles:
  • Issue formal notices and agendas for board meetings in accordance with the Directors instructions.
  • Call Annual General Meetings and distribute formal notices.
  • Maintain minute books.
  • Hold the Company seal and maintain the seal register.
  • Prepare and issue share certificates when a lease/transfer is assigned (if applicable).
  • Maintain the statutory books, including the share register and members register.
  • Register of Share Allotments.
  • File information with Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs where applicable.

Contractor Services

Most residents only see the immediate services of cleaning, gardening and window cleaning being undertaken on their development and often forget about all of the other mandatory items, i.e. insurance, common electricity etc. Most residents will be dis-satisfied unless these core services are carried out to a good standard and are regular. Monitoring these services regularly is part of MCS services. We also provide the following:
  • Appointment of contractors
  • Provide specifications of works, normally tailored to each development
  • Organise repairs
  • Obtain quotations for items of repair
  • Oversee items of major repair i.e. redecoration.

The appointment of cleaning, gardening and window cleaning contractors is a small part of contractor appointment. Modern developments have all manner of mechanical and electrical equipment installed, such as lifts, vehicle gates or barriers, fire alarm systems, entry phone systems, pumping stations. All such items of equipment will require service contracts. MCS can advise on all maintenance contract aspects and assist Directors in choosing the correct contractors for the required positions.


Breaches of lease terms can be a tedious task to resolve, however all leases contain restrictive covenants which assist a Management Company or Residents Association in controlling what can and can't be done on a development.

MCS will assist Directors and residents on lease interpretation and assist in ensuring that leaseholders abide by the terms of their lease.
  • Liaise with Directors where breaches of lease have taken place.
  • Advise residents of breaches.
  • Assist with enforcement of the lease terms.
  • Instruct solicitors to resolve disputes.

Property Sales

MCS will administer with the following:
  • Correspond with solicitors in relation to pre contract enquiries.
  • Provide solicitors with relevant information, including service charge payments, Audited Accounts and copies of block buildings insurance schedules.
  • Provide copies of Annual Audited Accounts.
  • Administer stock transfer forms, where Management Companies are Limited by shares.
  • Grant membership application to Management Companies.


Answering correspondence is a vital part of property management. Outstanding or unanswered letters regarding whatever matter are one of the main complaints we hear from residents when transferring from other agents. With MCS you can traditionally write to us, or correspond by email. We aim to respond to correspondence within 48hrs of receipt.

MCS will deal with the following:
  • Correspond with Resident Directors and residents, providing clarification to their queries.
  • Correspond with the developer if required.
  • Provide advice and information relating to Company Law, Contract Law and Housing Acts etc.
  • Assistance in the explanation to the terms of leases and transfers.
  • Provide information and assistance in respect of Directors liabilities.
  • Direct involvement with maintenance contractors.
  • Liaise with House Builders.

Ground Rent

MCS can offer a ground rent collection service to Management Companies or Residents Associations or Landlords.
  • MCS will issue demands.
  • Collect Ground Rents.
  • Chase ground rent arrears.
  • Instruct debt collectors for non payment of ground rent.
  • Advise on Landlord and Tenant issues.

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